Why is BioGroHair® Different?

There are many hair loss products available on the market today. The effectiveness of these products is questionable, and few of them have been shown to give pleasing hair restoration results without any side effects. Achieving proven results using chemical compounds that are potentially dangerous always carries the risk of serious side effects. The creation of products that have a confirmed hair restoration effect and that are safe and have no side effects is a worthy challenge. These characteristics have been the basis for the creation of this latest innovation in hair restoration- as BioGroHair®.

What are the benefits of BioGroHair® Program

  • Fast acting hair growth
  • Highly effective* (70% success rate based on trials from The Natural Doctor®)
  • Finest natural ingredients
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  • Developed by Dr. Eccles
  • No reported side effects
  • Vegan

How does BioGroHair® Restoration help regrow hair?

  •  Reduce DHT in the scalp
  • Increase scalp circulation
  • Reduce inflammation in the hair follicle
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  •  Reduces oxidative stress at the hair follicle
  • Regulates the action of estrogens in the scalp

Thanks to the combination of all of these elements, revolutionary fast-acting hair restoration has been achieved without any side-effects.

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How Can I Order BioGroHair®?

The program can be accessed by filling in a questionnaire that gives the doctor some background medical information about you.

If appropriate for you, the doctor will prescribe you BioGroHair®.

After your prescription has been created, we will email you an invoice for your products. (these can take up to 12 days to arrive after the payment has been made)


Dr Eccles Hair Loss

What does BioGroHair® Program entail?

The full Hair Loss Program contains a topical lotion and oral supplementation for maximum results.

The Patent-pending formula brings together several mechanisms of action including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, improving circulation and reduction of di-hydro testosterone and regulation of estrogen effects.
The formula is International Patent Application PCT/GB2018/052315

The BioGroHair® program consists of 2 phases. Directions for each of the phases vary. Please note that BioGroHair® products lead to satisfactory results only in women with receding or thinning hair, and not in cases with total hairloss (where hair follicles have died).

PHASE 1 (Hair Restoration Phase)
To start your BioGroHair® program and achieve successful hair restoration, everyday use of the products for at least 3 months is essential. We strongly recommend taking a before photo so you can be compare your results! Take 2 BioGroHair® formula capsules and apply up to 1 full pipette of lotion on the scalp daily. Do not exceed the prescribed dose. When satisfactory results are achieved, you can continue with phase 2.

PHASE 2 (Maintenance Phase)
You should start phase 2 or the maintenance phase when you achieve satisfactory results with your hair growth. We strongly recommend taking after photo and comparing these photos! Phase 2/or maintenance phase is important for maintaining your hair restoration results and preventing any further hair loss. Take 1 BioGroHair® formula capsule daily and apply up to 1 full pipette of lotion on the scalp every other day. If your hair loss recurs, go back to full dose of BioGroHair® formula i.e. 2 capsules daily and apply up to 1 full pipette of lotion on the scalp daily. Do not exceed the prescribed dose.

If you are unsure if BioGroHair® program is appropriate for you please contact us.

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BioGroHair® Restoration Mini Consultation with Dr Nyjon Eccles Skype/Zoom (up to 20 mins) £140

BioGroHair® Panel Testing £219.50

BioGroHair® program 1 month supply starting from £148 + P&P


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